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New Hampshire- Blueberry Butterscotch Russe

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New Hampshire

"I'm 76 and live in a small New England town that was settled in the 1600's.  I have five bushes that provide me with many berries.  When I was a child we picked low bush ones, but mine are 4 to 7 feet tall.  I cover them with black netting so the birds don't get them all."

Blueberry Butterscotch Russe

Submitted by:  Mrs. Lester Stevens
From:  Sharon, NH


1 cup heavy cream, whipped      2 cups milk               Lady Fingers
2 tsp. Angostura aromatic bitters     2 cups blueberries              2 tsp. grated orange rind
1 pkg. butterscotch pudding and pie filling

Prepare pudding according to package directions, using two cups milk.  Cook while stirring until mixture bubbles and thickens.  Remove from heat, cover and cool.  Fold in Angostura, orange rind, blueberries and whipped cream.  Line sherbet glasses with lady fingers.  Spoon blueberry mixture into center and top with additional blueberries.  Chill until ready to serve. Creates 6 servings.


Bring a part of America home to your kitchen. 

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